WiP Privacy Policy

Photo by  Kristina Flour  on  Unsplash

We take your personal data seriously…

We try to keep the data collecting to a bare minimum. We collect your basic information: name, phone number, IP address, and email address. We use your information to determine what news to send to you that might be helpful for you, analytics on the website or to connect via video conference. On occasion, we may share your testimonial on the internet or social media but only with your expressed consent.

Your information is never sold to third parties.

We use these third party systems to store and manage your information: Google Drive (for notes and files from our sessions or things you choose to share with us) and Mailchimp (to send you fun and informative emails) to store your data and send you information as and when needed. As a general policy, we avoid keeping or asking for copies of any work you do on your own between sessions. You can just share your screen! Or print it out and take it with you.

You have the right to access the information that has been collected, modify that information, request a copy of your information, or ask for that information to be deleted, with some exceptions ie tax purposes.