What if we shake things up a bit? What if we challenge your comfort zone? What if you build a new network? What if you transition into working for yourself?

Let’s think of your personal brand, then a strategy for the long term game plan and steps for each phase to get there. I use my marketing & communications background and HR knowledge to help people put it all together: their career, their knowledge, self-promotion, their contribution to the company, their network, marketing their skills to new companies, corporate politics, etc. All to better position yourself in your field and in your career.

And what if you did fly? 

It's all about taking the next big step.

I work with doers and thinkers to make those strategic moves that will help their career. 

Let's put that toward your personal brand.

Define who you are and let others know.

So who are you?

We can work together to achieve your goals in a variety of ways. The choice is up to you to design the way that best works for you. Mix up the options to create a discounted package or just stick with one style of working. Either way this is your strategy, you own it.


Call or Text

This service is gold. When you're in a situation and you have to make a decision quick, send me a  text and/or let's get on the phone for a quick 10-15 chat and figure what to do. Situations like:

  • You just received some news that you think you should react on to help your career or business and you want to discuss it because making a decision. 
  • Your colleague has made a power move that could jeopardize your standing for a promotion, what should be your next move?
  • A competitor has said or done something to a prospective client that might hurt your reputation or business.
  • You just received some information about a meeting you're about to go into and want to think through the best way to use that information in your favor.

Photo by  Tim Wright  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash

One to One Sessions

Let's meet in person or on video chat. A 90 minute session where we discuss your goals, make sure we're on track, brainstorm new ideas, maintain sight of the big picture, and keep moving forward with your goals. This is about accountability and next steps all to get you closer to your big goal. 

VIP Days

These days are best to start off your master plan. We spend the day looking into everything: who is in your network, what can you offer them, what can they offer you, who should you be mindful of, how to position yourself, what are the line of roles you need to get to where you want to go, who do you need on your side, how can you sell yourself, how do we build out your network, what do you need to do to transition into your own business, what do you have that you can leverage, etc. etc. etc. We get down to the fine details and work out the long term plan. You can use these to start each new stage to reassess the situation and the goals. We don't leave until the playbook is finished with all your moves and countermoves.

Photo by  designhorf  on  Unsplash

Photo by designhorf on Unsplash