Find out what people say about working with me...


Embraced the adventure…

“We feel so fortunate to have met Shea. She easily recognizes a person's potential to excel in their entrepreneurial endeavors. She asks the hard questions and gives us the tools we need to figure out the answers. Developing a brand can be a challenging process and with Shea's coaching, we felt encouraged to embrace the adventure and embark on the journey. The time that we spent in those sessions were invaluable. We can't thank her enough. You rock, Shea!”

from Wildfruit Agency

Photo by Valentina Conde on Unsplash

Photo by Valentina Conde on Unsplash

Discover answers & solutions…

“As I take my professional growth seriously, I seek high-class coaching.  I’m happy to count on Shea’s remarkable coaching expertise.  Her strength lies in how accurately she identifies the issues that might be blocking you, or puzzling you, even before you are aware of them yourself.  She keeps on accurately asking and asking until you spot them.  Then she helps you discover answers and solutions – which are often already inside of you and only come to the surface via the perspective of the conversations she makes you have – not only with her but also with yourself.  I definitely recommend any ambitious professional to work with Shea.” 

from Juliana Niño

Excited about my future...

"I would always leave each session feeling really excited about my future. Shea helped me to figure out a plan and gave me the support needed to take the necessary steps."

from Jenna B. 

I quit my job...

"After my first one-on-one session with Shea, I was able to sketch out a concrete plan to develop a business case and financial plan along with the short and long term steps and goals to have a successful business. Once that plan was in place, I felt confident to quit my job and start my very own business!"

from Meca M. 

Photo by  Vana Ash  on  Unsplash

Photo by Vana Ash on Unsplash

Photo by  Peter Fogden  on  Unsplash

Motivation and inspiration...

"You do everything that a great coach is supposed to do. You motivated me to take action, you held me accountable, and you inspired me to believe in myself." 

from J. B. 

Brand creator...

"Shea Harty is a deep listener, skilled storyteller and powerful brand creator. As a coach, Shea helped me to identify my strengths supporting me in my ability to craft stories and experiences into my personal brand." 

 from Michelle Chakkalackal

Photo by  Tom Holmes  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tom Holmes on Unsplash